Squarespace the Dictator

There is no escaping it, you paid for the opportunity to have some designer pulverize you into a safe corner so that editing a web page will be consistent. This is the world of Squarespace and I have not decided if this experiment is worth the terror of enslaving “spacer” blocks just to get a layout that is not traumatic to anyone that might browse my site.

You tell me, is it?

There are days that I really appreciate the site, I really do. So many great add-ons that you can use to customize your website and for the most part it seems bug free. You can get used to many aspects of the workflow and as you do that is when you begin to ask the questions. Why is this working this way? Then when you really try to grind out a design for a page on a template you selected, that is then you slowly lose your mind. The only thing to do is just back out of this gated community.

Only to venture back in at another time…