27 High Quality Photoshop Tool Presets by Dramenon.

27 High Quality Photoshop Tool Presets by Dramenon.


A Tool Preset has defined characteristics, such as size, shape, textures and hardness... You can save Tool Presets with the characteristics you use often. You can load, edit, and create libraries of tool presets using the Tool Presets panel, and the Preset Manager.

These 27 unique Photoshop Tool Presets were created by Daniel Presedo for use in Adobe Photoshop 2018 and OLDER versions of Photoshop that support Tool Presets.

*These are the same Brushes as the ones included in the “ 27 unique Photoshop Brushes.” These Tool Presets (.tpl) were created to support Legacy versions of Photoshop but will also work in Photoshop 2018.

How to Install:

You can usually just double click, or drag and drop on Photoshop, the .tpl file and it will automatically add itself to the Tool Presets. For more help you can review the steps here.

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