Everything you wanted to know about The License

  • 1.This license grants you, the purchaser, an ongoing, non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license to make use of the digital Tool(s) you have selected. Read the rest of this license for the details that apply to your use of the Tool.

  • 2.This license is for one copy (one seat, or one usage at any one time) of the Tool, installed on up to 2 of your computers.

What you can do with the Tool

  • 3.You can use a Tool to create an unlimited number of different End Products.

  • 4.You can sell End Products created using a Tool(s), to any number of people. As explained further on, the End Products must not contain the Tool itself.

Things you can’t do with the Tool(s)

  • 5.You can’t re-distribute a Tool(s) and this includes no public distribution. You also can’t modify or make derivatives of my Tool(s). Please don’t be that person.

    For example: You purchase a Photoshop brush; you can’t give the brush file to a friend.
    The Tool(s) is licensed to you ‘as is’ and is a complete item.

  • 6.You can’t incorporate or distribute the Tool(s) with an End Product. Super uncool to do that. But you may link the users of the End Product to where they can directly license the Tool(s). That would be super cool and encourage me to make more!

    For example: You license a Brush and use it in a poster template. You can’t include the Brush in the poster template download, but you can link buyers of the template to the Brush.

Other license terms

  • 7.This license can be terminated if you breach it. If that happens, you must stop using the Tool and delete it from your computer(s), yeah I know it sounds silly but that’s just the law.

  • 8.The author of the Tool(s) retains ownership of the item but grants you the license on these terms. This license is between the author and you.


End Product = Any digital or printed work.
Tool = include Brushes, Patterns or Actions.

Revision date: May 2019.